Triquarterly has been the home of some of my favorite work, so I thought I’d link to some of it here.  It’s amazing that this topnotch journal moved online for free.

I first got to know this wonderful writer through Triquarterly with her heartbreaking scifi story in which the earth’s atoms start fusing: A Bad Year for Apples, by CJ Hauser.  Then I met her in person and she blushed madly while I told her how much I liked her work.

Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni’s Shadow Work.  I love everything I’ve ever read by her.  Her stories are heartbreaking, centered around loss, and they have such depth of poetry to their lines.

Ben Ehnrenreich, The Dream within a Dream.  Strangely affecting surreal story about dreams a couple has together, then separately.

I just read these two poems by Marty McConnell in TriQuarterly that blew me away with their wonderful, funny, heartbreaking commentary on modern life and the emotions we try to communicate to others.  She has a great reading voice, too!  Here and HERE.

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