“The Last King of Open Roads” in Day One

My story about a family that falls apart on a skiing vacation is in the current Day One, Amazon’s new weekly literary journal, along with a poem by Linwood Rumney and cover art of a scene from my story by Maryanna Hoggatt. There’s even playlists to listen to while you read and a surprise story. Thank you to Editor Carmen Johnson for all of her work.

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After this week, “The Last King of Open Roads” will be available as a Kindle Single. Stay tuned!

Research Begins

This photo is one of the most famous from the 1965 American Invasion (or Intervention, depending on which side you take).   An unarmed Dominican man refuses to be searched by an American militar.  Provocante, no?

I am so excited to finally be in the DR to research this war, La Guerra de Abril, for a novel, thanks to a Fulbright Grant and those willing to support me.  In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing people who were affected by this civil war and subsequent invasion, researching in the national archives, and working on the novel.  If you know someone who would like to be interviewed, please let me know.  I am looking for all perspectives and a broad range of details, so it doesn’t matter if the person fought for the Lealistas or the Constitucionalistas, whether they picked up a gun or got behind a cockpit, or if they were just living in Santo Domingo and were affected by the division of the city.

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Santo Domingo, Here I come!


T minus ten days before arrival in Santo Domingo.  Que emoción!

I am lucky to have been awarded a Fulgright grant to write a historical novel about the 1965 civil war.  I will be interviewing people involved in the conflict.  If you know anyone who would like to be interviewed, please contact me.

Voy a entrevistar a personas involucradas en el conflicto. Si conocen a alguien quien quisiera ser entrevistado, por favor póngense en contacto conmigo.

“We Were in the City” in The Threepenny Review

rusty shed


The Threepenny Review includes my story, “We Were in the City.”  Recently, LitRagger has reprinted it.  Read on for attics and basements, vindictive lemonade stands, and a couple back from The City.


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“The Earth Drowns Us” in The Smokelong Quarterly

Hours after the shaking of the earth I was pinned under a church pew with the deep silence that comes when you are completely, absolutely alone in a dark without ears. Then the great, fallen dome of the church cracked open like an egg. The sound of a drill pierced the mute. I could see daylight, a man descending from a rope.

Qui dentro! I yelled. Eccomi!


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“Almendras” in Brevity 38

“This month, things are different. I am the team leader for the first time. We stay in the airport hotel, and I can still hear the roars of rising planes, the concussions of landings, even though, for the moment, I am still. I call home. My mother announces she has been diagnosed with cancer. That night, I dream of giant, hulking, metal-and-silicon mainframes plugged into the ocean sand like beached whales. The mainframes fizzle and crackle with sparks as we bucket water over their metal shells. We know we cannot save them, their invisible information, their electric memory, but we try.”

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